Boom Brothers Overview


Boom Brothers is an amazing 3D video slot game with high-end graphics and animations that are bound to impress even the most demanding players. We are talking about a 5 reel game that has 20 pay lines! It doen’t feature a progressive jackpot system, but its maximum coin jackpot winnings are 37,500! That could be translated into the impressive amount of 37,500$! In addition to that it features some unique symbols , along with a wild symbol, free spins and a breath-taking bonus game! That’s why people play Boom Brothers.


The first thing you see once you get to the slot is a cut sequence, in which three dwarf brothers are setting up a controlled explosion and detonate the explosives. Through the dust and ashes the Boom Brothers logo appears and after that the slot interface will show up, ready for you to start playing!

The design of the interface is neat and resembles the setup of a Tim Burton film, making it a great looking theme. At the top right and left corner you can see moving gears and cogs, which are supposed to power the reels, causing them to move! Besides that the icons used in the game are influenced by this theme, as you can obviously tell from the robot like icons that are made to look like the three brothers heads.

The other icons used in the reel are related to mining, with some of them being shovels, pickaxes, protective helmets, oil lanterns and the “RAILTRACK” symbol. Something worth mentioning is that every single icon has its own animation and unique sound effect to complete the user’s experience.


The options you have about wagering are really good. The values of coins start from just 0.01 and reach up to 1$. The coins you bet with each spin can be set from only 1 and up to 5 coins per line whilst the number of lines can be set from 1 to 20. This enables gamblers that want to play for their entertainment to spin at the cost of just one cent, but also makes it possible for high bets to be placed, reaching up to 100 per spin!


Boom Brothers video slots have an auto-play function integrated. This great feature enables you to play continuously without having to press the spin button all the time, and stops if you are fortunate enough to get to the bonus round or if you are really unfortunate and run out of coins!

Free spins are earned once three or more “FREE SPINS” icons show up on the reels, causing winnings on these rounds to be multiplied by three.

The wild symbol of the game which can be used as any other symbol, is a bomb, that explodes every time it is included in a winning combination, giving you cash with a bang! As expected the bomb can’t substitute the “RAILTRACK” or free spins symbol.

Besides these the is a “second chance” feature, which is triggered randomly!


This feature is unique, can only be found in Boom Brothers and has two different functions. Firstly if you get three or more the rail track feature kicks in. This means you will get rewarded with 2x, 3x or 4x of your bonus stake with 3, 4 or 5 icons respectively. Secondarily if you happen to get all 5 “RAILTRACK” icons you unlock the bonus round! There the dwarfs compete against each other in gathering precious gems and ores and the winner awards you with a prize!

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